Cahors wines:

Cahors wine has been described as romantic, mystical, sacred and legendary. This nectar has been produced in the meanders of the Lot Valley for some 2000 years.
Served on the tables of Europe's kings and on the altars of Orthodox churches, it is appreciated by all lovers of full-bodied wines.
The Château de Rouffiac is one of its flagship vineyards. Situated in the municipality of Duravel, in the heart of the vineyards, the Château de Rouffiac is part of the "Accueil Vigneron du Lot" (Lot Wine-Producer's Welcome) network. You can visit the estate to discover and appreciate every facet of the famous "Black Wine".

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Regional Produce:

The Quercy region is steeped in gastronomic tradition and authenticity. It is the home of many mouth-watering traditional specialities: Duck foie gras, truffles from Lalbenque, Quercy lamb, Cabécou goat's cheese from Rocamadour, Quercy saffron and melons, Ratafia (aperitif of grape juice blended with wine brandy), etc.
The "Cahors Saveurs" boutique is just 100 metres from the hotel and offers a quality selection of our regional produce.

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